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Pathway To Income & Wealth In Real Estate Workshop

If you were anything like us when we started, you have likely read every single book on real estate, went to dozens of seminars, and signed up, and paid for, coaching that costs tens of thousands of dollars; the result of which was little more than a hemorrhaging bank account, no deals, and a shrinking net worth.

So we decided to take one weekend and provide a behind the scenes look at how we run our business. With over 400 houses bought in less than four years, we will provide three full days of information about how our business works and answer your questions.

This class is for those investors that are just getting started, those who want a fresh start in real estate, or those that would like to take their business to the next level. We buy 100 houses a year and we are going to share how we did it and how you can too. This will be the most important class you take this year, you will learn how to buy find, fund, and market as many houses that you want this year. Make 2018 the year you start the right path to growing your wealth. Seating is extremely limited.


Real Estate Wisdom

If competition is your biggest fear, YOU may be the problem.

In many industries, once you figure out how to successfully and profitably navigate the business, the next challenge becomes….

Real Estate Wisdom

If you think education is expensive, discover this $150K lesson paid by a young investor’s ignorance.

If you think education is expensive, you should see the price tag for ignorance….

Real Estate Wisdom

You Don’t Need Another F#%$&@ Worthless Coach

Caution: today’s blog post is not for the easily offended. There, now that you’ve been officially warned, let’s get down to business…


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