Caution: today’s blog post is not for the easily offended. There, now that you’ve been officially warned, let’s get down to business:

You don’t need another f@#%&*g coach.

You don’t.

The reason you’re not successful in real estate is because you’re too busy wasting your time with whatever coach/guru/expert/cheerleader/flavor-of-the-month/charismatic poser who is willing to take your money in exchange for making you feel like a winner. Yeah, go ahead and give that strategy a try.

“Hey, Mr. Homeowner, I feel like a winner today, so you need to sell me your house!”

You know what he’s going to say? “Screw you. Now, get off my property.”

You don’t need a coach who is going to make you feel successful when you’re not. What you need is a trainer who is going to kick your ass until you actually are successful.

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A trainer doesn’t care how late you were up last night. He doesn’t care that your dog is sick or that your in-laws are in town. He doesn’t give a shit about your emotional state or the fight you just had with your wife. All he cares about is what you’re doing at the gym.

My Garmin Edge that I use for cycling doesn’t hold my hand and sing me Soft Kitty if I’ve had a rough morning. It can’t even compute my bitching and whining, so there’s no use even wasting time with it. All it does is point me in the direction of success and tell me what to do to get there. Here’s the target you need to hit: 250 watts and 100 rmp for the next seven miles. Now go. No target, no success.

Unfortunately, a lot of y’all can’t handle a true real estate trainer. You’d rather fly halfway across the country to hear some dumbass who hasn’t done real estate in fifteen years tell you about some secret technique to buy more houses than have someone call you out on your excuses and procrastination. You’re using real estate education as a crutch and these coaches and gurus are just feeding your codependency.

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What you need is somebody who’s going to look you in the eye, call you on your bullshit and tell you, “Get to f@#%&*g work!” You’ve wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on real estate education and you haven’t done jack shit with the knowledge. You are wasting your time, and you’re wasting your money. And the worst part is, you’re pissing away your legacy. Stop getting coached and get off your ass and get to work. It’s that simple.

You want to know the easiest way to tell a trainer from a coach? A trainer asks for your numbers. That’s the big difference. A trainer talks about key performance indicators and shows you what you should be measuring in your real estate business just like a trainer at a gym helps you track your workouts. Can a trainer train you if there aren’t any numbers? No. That’s why all these real estate education programs are a complete joke. How do you fix something if you don’t have any numbers?

Most of all you need a trainer because you’re overweight yourself. Not with pounds, but with information. You’ve had all of this real estate education, and you end up in our program, and what you don’t realize is that all this extra weight is weighing you down. You’re overweight with the bullshit you’ve been taught and you need someone to help you recognize the fat and tell you what you need to do to get rid of it. At first, it’s just like it is when you return to the gym after years of neglect. You start working out and everything hurts. It’s not fun. You want to quit. You hate that it’s not easy, but that’s where your trainer steps in and pushes you because he knows that the only way to get to the level of success you want is to put in the time. There are no short cuts or easy outs.

You don’t need another f@#%&*g coach. You need a trainer. And at Right Path, it’s training time. That’s why our weekend workshops are so different. It’s not coaching; it’s training. You need to do x, y, and z. Now do it. Our Pathfinder and Basecamp programs are set up the same way. We sit down with people and look at the numbers. What are your metrics and KPIs? Okay, now do these specific things.

It’s not coaching. It’s not cheerleading. It’s not walking across hot coals. It’s good, old fashioned, get-your-ass to-work training. And most of you need it more than you know.

Ready to get your ass to work? Click here for a schedule of our upcoming educational events.

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