There’s not a lot you or I can do about the weather, right?

We can control how we prepare for it, and how we respond to it.

That’s about it.

That said, I hope you and yours didn’t experience any of the flooding from Imelda last week.

Normally, we don’t let a little rain keep us from doing what we had planned.

For example, on Thursday we had planned to hold our monthly Case Study event. But we didn’t have a dock to park your boat if you did try to attend.

So, how did we respond?

1st Announcement

Out of an abundance of caution, we decided to reschedule our Case Study until October 17. We’ll have a family that we’ve helped build their 25-house rental house portfolio, and find out why they’ve actually sold a few off. (Their reason is what I would call… “bullet-proof”).

2nd Announcement

Normally, we’d also tell you about our free live webinar that we hold Tuesday evenings.

Some of you have already checked that out, and told us how eye-opening Andy’s presentation is.

There’s just a little problem with him doing the live webinar this week… He’s going on vacation and for some reason… won’t commit to doing the webinar while he’s gone.

But, we have a solution! We have an on-demand recording that you can check out now.

No waiting until Tuesday evening.

No hoping your schedule works out that you can watch it live.

Sign up.


3rd Announcement

We opened registration for our October Academy weekend event (October 19-20), but we only have room for 20.

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