Vacations, Journeys, Metaphors?

What do you like to do for a vacation?

Are you someone who likes the beach, or the mountains?

Do you prefer the outdoors or to explore a new city?

It seems like our whole office is taking trips lately.

Someone went to Tokyo, and someone else went to some national parks in Wyoming. Someone else has plans for Mexico, while yet another has plans for the UK and France.

Everyone’s plans are different.

And if our destinations are all different, our journeys are all going to be different, as well.

That’s part of why we are called Right Path Real Estate.

We understand that everyone is

  • starting in different places
  • going to different destinations
  • going to need specific vehicles to get there

What are your investing goals?

Where do you see yourself in a year? 5 years? 10? 20?

We’ve helped tons of folks change their investment destinations since we started educating on how to get on the “Right Path” to reaching their goals.

What are yours?

There are a few ways you can get on the Right Path to your reaching goals:

  • Our webinar
    – You can watch it live on Tuesday at 7 pm by registering here.
    – You can watch a pre-recorded version on-demand right now by registering here.
  • Our Case Study
    – Speaking of traveling, the family featured in our case study for October recently took a river cruise through Europe. We saw their pictures on Facebook. It looked awesome. And we were glad that the strategies they learned by working with us helped make that trip a possibility for them. That event will be held October 17 at 6:30 pm. Register for the Case Study.
  • Our 2-Day Wealth Through Real Estate Academy
    – Our weekend class is our best way to tell you everything we know about how we run our real estate investing machine, and you can too. We’ve bought over 600 houses since 2013, and we can help you grow your portfolio, too. Our next Academy is October 19th-20th… but sign up today. Seating is VERY LIMITED for this program. Only 14 seats remain (and the ticket includes you and your spouse for a full year).

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