About Us

Jason Bible and Tom Perry founded Houston House Buyers in July 2013 and have flipped, wholesaled and rented more than 300 houses. In March of 2015, they hosted their first radio show on KTEK 1110AM, and Right Path Radio was born. The educational mission of Right Path Radio has expanded and become Right Path Real Estate.

Right Path Real Estate provides semi-monthly, free educational meetings in Houston and Dallas through the Right Path REIA and a monthly Weekend Retreat for a more intensive educational experience. Right Path REIA members also have the opportunity to attend weekly vendor nights and monthly vendor sponsored bus tours. As Right Path Real Estate grows and branches out to additional markets, Right Path REIA members will also enjoy connection with an extensive network of like-minded investors and vendors.

How To Find Us

Right Path Real Estate

11451 Katy Freeway

Suite 360

Houston, TX 77079

Meet Our Team

Jason Bible


In 2012 Jason joined a local real estate club, made his first real estate transaction and hasn't looked back. Since then he has bought, sold, and leased hundreds of properties. In 2015 he did over 85 deals in greater Houston, did over 120 in 2016, and plans to do more than 150 in 2017.

Tom Perry


Tom has three decades of experience as an entrepreneur. In those years, he has owned and managed six successful businesses. He is the founder and former owner of Fast Track Roofing and Remodeling, an investor-focused general contractor for unoccupied single family and multifamily properties. He spends more at Home Depot in a week than most people do in a lifetime.

Veronica Silva

Director of Coaching Support / Weekend Retreat Coordinator

Veronica has been with Right Path Real Estate since October 2016. Her duties with Right Path Real Estate include providing immediate support to Jason Bible, Tom Perry and our Mastermind Group. She is also in charge in coordinating our 3-Day Weekend Retreats in both Dallas and Houston. Prior to being part of Right Path Real Estate, she was a paralegal in criminal defense for 19 years. Outside of work, she enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with her daughter.

Daniel Gollinger

Sales/Membership Application Services

Daniel has been with Right Path Real Estate since January of 2017. He assists with live events and the application process for new members. Daniel is the proud father of four and loves real estate and helping people find their way to the right kind of education and mentorship in order to find success in this business.

Andy Helms

AV Director, Designer

Andy has been helping Right Path Real Estate in various capacities from the very beginning. He started full-time on March 1, 2017. His duties include all things audio and video, as well as graphic design.

Heather Lee

Accounting Manager

Heather has been with Right Path Real Estate since January of 2017. Her duties include all aspects of accounting and office management. She has raised four gainfully employed grown ups and is an avid Game of Thrones watcher.