Wealth Through Real Estate Academy

We are excited that you’ve decided to join us for the Wealth Through Real Estate Academy. This weekend event is an incredible opportunity that many investors have already taken advantage of and has the potential to change not only the way you invest, but the way you seize opportunity and see the world around you.

There is so much to cover in only 2 short days, however. That’s why we have put together these videos on this page as a sort of pre-class prep. It is HIGHLY encouraged that you watch these videos before showing up for the workshop.

These videos cover some of the vocabulary and terms used by investors and some of the math you need to understand to evaluate a deal. There is even a video that explains some of the need-to-know information as it relates to real estate investing for insurance.

Watch these videos, and we’ll see you at the Wealth Through Real Estate Academy!

Investor Language

Investor Math