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Investment Academy

2 Day Real Estate Investing Academy In Houston, TX

Business Tips

Learn How to Run Your Real Estate Investing as a Business.

Meet the Experts

Gain Actionable Information from Real Estate Investing Experts

We know that you want to be confident in your financial future. In order to do that, you need certainty about your investments. The problem is conventional investments like 401Ks and IRAs are volatile which causes you to worry that your retirement will not work out. We believe you should not be pushed into antiquated financial products that don’t produce predictable results.
We understand how frustrating it is because we’ve been there, which is why we teach thousands of people how to secure their financial future by investing in real estate.
Stop hoping that your retirement plan works out and be confident that your future is secure.

How Is The Academy Different From Other Real Estate Investment Education?

Taught by Successful, Experienced Real Estate Investors
We Buy 100 Houses A Year And We Are Going To Share How We Did It And How You Can Too

Most Up-To-Date Strategies Used By Current Real Estate Investing Experts

Actionable Information
Educational Programs for Beginners to Experts
You Will Learn How To Buy, Find, Fund, And Market As Many Houses As You Want This Year

What will I learn in the Academy?

+Investing Strategies
+Where to Get Funding
+How to Find the Best Deals
+Marketing Strategies
+How to Evaluate a Home
+How to Repair a House for Investing
+Valuable Insights from Our Guest Speakers
+And Any Other Questions You Have!


Truths of Our Industry

  • Understanding Real Estate as an Industry
  • Understanding the True Costs of Buying Houses
  • Master Calculating Repair Numbers

Foundation of a Real Estate Investing Business

  • Systems and Processes Essential to a Successful Business
  • Mastery of Business Development
  • Why 97% of businesses cannot scale and ultimately fail, and how to avoid it

Private Money

  • Learn the exact process of how we raised millions in capital for real estate deals without using our own money
  • Smart Banking
  • 1 on 1 discussions about your real estate investing goals
  • Guest speakers from our partners

IRA Optimization

  • How to maximize returns from your IRA
  • Tax Shelter
  • Find even more Private Money

Marketing – How to Buy 100+ Houses a Year

  • Budget (time/money)
  • Strategies Online and Offline
  • Implementation

Buy Houses – Learn How to Buy from Sellers

  • Close More Deals
  • How to Build Rapport and Present Your Offer
  • No More Objections
  • No More Angry Sellers

Academy Details

June 22nd – 23rd 2019
9:00am to 5:00pm

13501 Katy Fwy | Houston, TX 77079

Cost: $749