Basecamp is our Mastermind program, designed to create group support and accountability for reaching your investing goals.

Join the ranks of our most successful members!

Asset Buyers Club

Market & grow your real estate portfolio.




Guidance with in person meetings and webinars.



Video guidance.

Included Services

Monthly MasterMind Meeting

A monthly gathering of a community of experienced investors. All Basecamp MasterMind events are digitally archived for future playback. During Basecamp, members share ideas and gain accountability, find clarity in purpose and implementation, and are inspired by their fellow investors’ achievements

Executive interviews Right Path-approved lending partners

Lenders will review goals with personal financial statements to ensure goals and finances align

Right Path Training Concierge

Executive question-and-answer. Email real estate related questions and receive a response within 48 hours, typical turnaround time is 24 hours

Private Funding

Private lenders join Basecamp to deploy their capital with other Basecamp members

Online Networking Group

Exclusive “Secret” Facebook group just for Basecamp – MasterMind members;

Access to Pathfinder online learning program

Access to Pathfinder online learning program

Access to our Asset Buyers Club program

Access to our Asset Buyers Club program

Additional Services

Additional services are available to assist members in achieving their goal of building their portfolio of buy-and-hold properties, and/or their goal of growing and scaling their real estate enterprise.

Transaction Coordination

Utilize the Transaction Team to facilitate communication between member, title company, lender, buyer/seller, and real estate agent(s) to ensure the timely closing of your real estate deals. From contract to close can manage the entire process for $500 per closing.

Access to and Right Path Real Estate’s buyers list

If you need to wholesale a property, we have a very active buyers list. will market the property to their extensive buyers list and present the member with offers. The cost of this service is $1500 per property. This service does not include listing the property on the MLS.

We will list properties on the MLS for 6% of the deal

3% for the seller’s representation and 3% for the buyer’s representation. This service includes our transaction coordination services and publicizing the property to our buyers list.

To find out more about this program, attend the Wealth Through Real Estate Academy



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