(Includes all features in the PIN & Pathfinder programs)

Finding great deals isn’t easy…

If you are just beginning your real estate journey as an investor, it can be hard to find the right deals for yourself. Imagine if there was a team of real estate investing pros whose focus was to find you deals. We’ve built that team in our passive investor network. We use real numbers for realistic outcomes. 

To find out more about our passive investor network, or any of our membership programs, register for our Club Membership and join us at the next weekend Wealth Through Real Estate Academy.

Our Passive Investor Network (PIN) membership is for passive investors that wish to expose their personal net worth to real estate.

Benjamin Graham said it best in his book, The Intelligent Investor, “the [PIN Member’s goal is] to conserve his capital, avoid serious mistakes of commission, obtain a reasonable income return and protect himself to some extent against inflation.”

PIN memberships are for those investors who want to deploy their net worth to establish a real estate portfolio, without the burden of actively building a real estate enterprise through marketing, sales, negotiating, rehabbing, managing transactions, raising capital, or hiring employees and staff.

Included Services

+ Dedicated PIN staff to find suitable real estate in which to deploy capital

+ PIN specific training: live, virtual, and digitally archived

+ Access to on and off-market properties

+ Private interview with a Right Path PIN acquisition specialist to discuss personal goals such as Equity allocation, cash available to deploy

+ Debt capacity

+ Cash flow

+ Depreciation

+ Equity capture at time of acquisition

+ Debt reduction

+ Appreciation

+ Exit strategies

+  Assistance in selecting Due-Diligence Vendor Team

+  Appraiser

+  Inspector

+  General Contractor

+  Property Manager

+  Listing Agent

+  PIN-approved real estate investor focused lenders

+  Exclusive property acquisition and education tours, virtual and/or live

+  Representation by an investor-experienced real estate agent

+  Transaction coordinator to facilitate communication between PIN member, title company, lender, buyer/seller, and real estate agent(s) to ensure the timely closing of real estate deals

PIN Steps to Success


Attend Wealth through Real Estate Academy


Meet with PIN-approved real estate focused lender


Attend Introduction to PIN class


Private interview with PIN acquisition specialists


Attend property acquisition and education tours, virtual and/or live


Make offers for real estate. Work with PIN Acquisition specialists. 


If you’re interested in our free events, or joining our team feel free to contact us below.


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